Self Care: Pranic Healing Third Session

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So today I had my third of four pranic healing sessions with pranic healer Adrian Worger

This session was a little different to the previous two and Adrian talked me through beforehand.

Up until now, Adrian had been working on the trauma and stress caused by grooming and what had followed. He had some questions, which I answered. He had spoken to his guides and they had decided that perhaps I needed to work on forgiveness and anger.

Catch up on the previous two sessions here

This was hard for me to hear. Channelling anger about groomers on behalf of myself and others into CAAGe helps me turn something negative into a positive, and my take on anger is that it’s an underrated emotion, that we bottle it way too much. Especially the English. Latin cultures let it all hang out, and they’re way more sociable.

But English I am, and I trust Adrian, so anger healing it was was to be. I would, he assured me, be able to come at CAAGe with a far better more balanced perspective if I let it go. Two thoughts came to mind:

  1. Ouch! My approach to CAAGe is angry and unbalanced? (Insecure? Me?)
  2. Anything I feel for my groomer, who at one point I believed I was truly a soul mate to, doesn’t feel like bitterness and need to forgive him. Have I buried it deep? Do I feel anything towards him at all any more? Other than calling on my own experience with him to help relate to others or deal with ongoing police things, I rarely give him a second thought.

But in for a penny….this session I lay on the bed. I didn’t record myself this session, just went with it.

Similarities with previous sessions were the first half on back feeling part conscious, the need to turn over half way through, a second half in which I feel half asleep but miraculously ‘wake up’ at the point Adrian finishes his session.

A difference this time was that my hands and feet, and definitely more pronounced in my feet, were burning. Not just warm, burning. The sort of sensation I sometimes feel if reiki-ing someone with a damaged limb.

Afterwards I again felt light and energetic (although the bathroom scales, sadly, refused to play ball!) That feeling has lasted into today, and it’s certainly a feeling that piles of anti-depressants haven’t achieved.

Three sessions in, I do feel calmer. I do feel happier. I do feel less worried. Whether that’s the pranic healing or the conversion of other factors, who knows? I can only relay my own experience and feelings.

Adrian describes the way that pranic healing works as follows: psychology will help you through the maze, pranic healing helps you break down the walls.

I expected Wendy, our counselling psychologist, to guide me away from alternative practises, for some reason. She always seems so grounded to me. Far from it.

“Sounds like you needed the healing session” she said when I spilled out a stressful tale of woe to her. As usual, I think she’s right!

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