Self Care: Pranic Healing, parts 4 &5

Despite having seen the results of Pranic Healing on Adrian, I was a little sceptical about energy healing at a distance. The geeky part of me wants to know why it works. The egotistical part of me wants to snap when he describes Reiki (which I used to practise and have recently dabbled with again) as last centuries technology. He talks of protocols, of not needing gifts. Yet there’s clearly something in it.

I think the best way for me to tell you about the final two sessions, where Adrian worked on my (from a distance, before you get saucy thoughts!), is to tell you what I texted him ‘the morning after’.)

Read about the first two sessions here: Self Care: Pranic Healing

Read about session three here: Self Care: Pranic Healing Third Session

Session 4, Monday 26 August

I knew Adrian was planning to do a healing, but he didn’t text before starting.

My WhatsApp:

Trust me, from where I’d been the day before emotionally, this was massive!

Session 5, Friday 30 August

This was my final session.

Again, I’m going to let my message to Adrian speak for itself!

In Conclusion

Pranic healing, especially at distance, has to be treated as complementary to other things we do, in my opinion,

Certainly I’ve heard anecdotes about cancer, but I’ve heard similar from Aloe Vera product sellers. I don’t want to play down the power of these things, even if it’s a placebo effect it’s worked for someone. But suggesting pranic as anything other than complementary seems to me to be irresponsible.

As a ‘heightener’ I suspect it would help make traditional medicines more efficient, if only for the more positive mental state that it creates.

I certainly got considerable benefit. It may have been the time to relax. It may have been the focus. It may have been the extra water. Or it may just be that there’s a little magic in here.

It certainly worked alittle magic on me. I’m not cured. I still have CPTSD, but I never asked Adrian to work on that. (And I have been able to laugh about my last ‘trigger’, which I will share in another blog because at the end of the day it was quite funny.)

Has Pranic changed my mindset? It seems to have. I do have some moments. I’m still workiing on me. But it certainly seems to have helped, to the point where I’m going to find out more, and maybe even learn to practise pranic healing myself.

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