The police, the penis and Epstein related stories

crime scene do not cross signage

In this particular case, the man concerned had chosen to respond to his own distress  by treating women as objects of sexual humiliation, getting our victim to perform acts that have left her feeling bad about herself. At the time she ‘consented’, she was unaware of the truth about the man, his general sexual behaviour with other women, or his connection to other groomers, hidden in plain sight.

Her information, for the police, could have been incredibly valuable information. And would have been corroborated by the claim that he had a micropenis.

However, like many victims, she was disregarded and was the one hounded and forced to leave her home behind.


In the Epstein case, witnesses had described Epstein’s penis as broad at the base and tapering.

This was easily verifiable, had the police chosen to get him to drop his trousers and take a photo as proof. It is as distinguishing a mark as a birthmark or ‘outy belly button’. Not conclusive evidence, of course, but just a verifiable fact that gave credence to witness accounts (and of course could be used to filter out false reports, satisfying the ‘women lie about abuse’ brigade).

Instead, there is video of him being questioned about it and refusing to answer. It is, of course, possible that, as in the Weinstein case which we’ll look at in a blog later this week, evidence would have been produced.

Epstein escaped justice.

But the message is clear – we have to get over this viewing a penis as something sacred and untouchable – including both the police and the judiciary. A penis is a part of a body, and if it’s evidence that can verify, support or refute a victims statement,  it needs to be presented as such without such police sensitivity.

For as long as we hold views about the ‘normal’ shape and size, people with unusual penis shapes seem to me to be more likely to feel abhorred, and therefore behave abhorrently. And men with micropenises who have accepted their lot in life will find themselves shamed.

If you’ve been groomed, please complete our research questionnaire which is entirely anonymous.

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