Penises: No Laughing Matter, Officer

Why are we talking about penises and the police this week? Because I need to talk about it – it’s time someone did. I just want to scream loudly – grow up!! Why are men’s bodies sacred yet women’s treated as mere commodities?

And now is the time, because my own case is clearly going no further with the police, and perhaps by speaking out, it will help someone else. I was reluctant – I didn’t want my groomer to have the satisfaction. But if I share this, it may just help someone else.

To some, talking about unsolicited pictures, videos or livestreams of nudes will seem irrelevant to the act of adult grooming, which this site is about. Talking about what a man’s penis looks like may seem embarrassing or distasteful. But grooming is rarely an isolated act. And if you think it’s distasteful to talk about, think about how it feels to be on the receiving end.

Published by Claire (claireatwaves)

Founder, Waves PR To be found as claireatwaves in most social spaces. Helping people's reputations, online and off. Passionate advocate against adult grooming and groomers at

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