VAWG Consultation: Summary of recommendations

CAAGe hopes to influence the strategy, and submitted a detailed response.

Although it was tempting to say ‘Make adult grooming illegal’, we do not feel that that grooming is yet well enough understood, creating difficulties in legislation. Instead, we have focussed on the issues that could affect the outcome for people who have been groomed, and set in place changes that will further our cause.

This is a summary of of the recommendations made by CAAGe:

1. Policy Change

  • VAWG should, as the name suggests, be about women and girls.
  • Transitioning and trans people, and men, deserve a separate strategy addressing their particular needs.
  • Work with Google for technical solutions to certain abuses of its system
  • Working with the Ann Craft Trust on safeguarding adults in sport

2. Structural Change

  • Restructuring policing
  • Support and better mental health provision for police officers
  • Summary dismissal of offending police officers
  • Addressing access to justice
  • More female judges
  • Review of social services provision
  • Support for women’s refuges
  • Support of professional organisations to ensure registration of professionals and removal of all who fail to meet standards inc solicitors, counsellors, etc

3. Training

  • Training for police and judges
  • Training for teachers and heads
  • Providing guides to victims for reporting and producing evidence
  • Training of journalists for reporting VAWG correctly

4. Legal Change

  • Defining consent in law
  • A review of misuse of the law to target and silence victims
  • Automatic exclusion from ALL Universities for men who rape on canvas
  • Protection for whistle blowers
  • Review of Rape by Deception laws
  • Obligatory, supervised training for offenders
  • Regulation of dating sites and of intermediary professions including agencies for modelling, acting, musicians, etc
  • Accountability and evidence cooperation of social media sites

5. Awareness Campaigns

  • Consent – more than a cup of tea
  • Staying safe on social media
  • Awareness of different types of counselling

6. Research areas

  • Examine how solicitors are held to account
  • Research into the penal system and reoffence
  • Why taxi drivers offend
  • Religion and VAWG
  • Protection for women in small businesses and startups
  • Disability and VAWG
  • The dark web

If you have been affected by grooming, CAAGe would welcome your anonymous response to our research survey> click here to find out more.

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