Rishi Sunak Promises War on Grooming Gangs

A message to Mr Sunak

Sexual violence against women and girls should be treated as a national emergency until it’s been defeated, writes Rishi Sunak in the Daily Mail, which in it’s leader to the piece suggests that this is a crack down on grooming gangs.

I chose to write my response on LinkedIn rather than here. My audience for this site is victims, their friends and families. I’m hoping that by publishing on a ‘professional’ platform, one intended to reach people at work, in positions of influence, it may make a difference.

You can read it here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rishi-sunak-promises-war-grooming-gangs-claire-thompson

Don’t forget that leaving any comments (if you’re on LinkedIn) will help keep the topic live.

Published by Claire (claireatwaves)

Founder, Waves PR To be found as claireatwaves in most social spaces. Helping people's reputations, online and off. Passionate advocate against adult grooming and groomers at CAAGe.org.

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