Q&A: your questions and answers

What is adult grooming?

We’ve created a blog post here to explain what grooming is – whether it’s used against adults or children, it’s despicable behaviour. But whilst children and vulnerable adults are entitled to protection, in the UK, adults currently have little protection in law unless their abusers commit another crime such as rape, assault or theft/defrauding.

Shouldn’t Victims Just Shut Up, Move On and get on With their Lives?

If they want to, we should respect that. But the frustration , the damage, won’t go away.  They deserve the same protection and recognition as other victims of grooming crimes, and we need to send a really clear message to people that this behaviour IS NOT OK!

How do you know if you’ve been groomed?

FMany people initially believe that their abusers are married or living with someone else. Their behaviours cause suspicion. It’s only a good delve that reveals the truth.

It’s a question we’re trying to address – if a partner simply vanishes, if someone’s just being a bit cagey, many people will simply write the relationship off to experience. It’s generally only when people try and expose their abuser that the truth emerges.

It’s a problem we don’t have the answers for. Should there be a ‘suspicions’ register, with three strikes leading to an alert? (There are all kinds of legal issues to address around this.) We’d love your thoughts: please email AntiAdultGrooming@gmx.co.uk, making sure to include contact details.

Personally, I’d like to see people who do tell their stories, naming their abuser, offered protection.

My Question’s Not Here!

EmailĀ AntiAdultGrooming@gmx.co.uk with your question, making sure to include contact details. If it’s a question we think will often be asked, we’ll answer it here, otherwise we’ll attempt to answer it in person or blog the answer.

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