Fundraising for Counselling

CAAGe has set up a GoFundMe to help us subsidise or pay for counselling for the targets (victims) of adult grooming.

Why is this needed?

These are some of the results from the first year of our research survey.

Impact of grooming
Over 50% of our sample reported PTSD/CPTSD as a consequence of grooming
34% suffered from depression
Grooming has an effect on finances and stability

Traditional counselling can damaging for victims of grooming. Much of this has to do with ‘victim blaming’ and the victim’s shock and confusion.

We will look to subsidise training for the first few candidates we take on board as CAAGe counsellors because we are keen to get a diverse mix of people on board, including people from the Jewish, black/BAME and LGBTQ+ communities. We are at the interview stage of recruitment, a process lead by Wendy Gregory.

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