Campaign Update, January 2019

I’ve not blogged for a while. Life took some not-so-funny turns. Apologies. But I hope you’ll love what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Thank you to everyone who’s been engaging on social media platforms. And offline. To update you….

Rebrand: CAAGe

Thanks to the actions of a certain groomer, some of which are documented here, I was in a constant state of battle. My personal online profile was damaged by his actions and the campaign site was only being found one shared link at a time. I had to reconsider: what’s most important – warning groomers’ new prey and protecting others from their duplicity and toxicity; or getting grooming made illegal?

I decided upon the latter.

Despite the difficulties of changing the law, there are a lot of good people out there trying to do the same. Together we are stronger. It’s also easier to talk publicly about a campaign than the deeply personal and damaging effects that being groomed has had upon my own life, that of others, and the people around us. I don’t want anyone else left in the position I was put in.

With the renewed focus and this new site, I hope you’ll enjoy what’s here, and what’s to come!

SO… Ta-dah…..I give you CAAGe. I kept the old logo for the moment. Do feed back! This campaign is for US not me. It’s to prevent all groomers, not just one. Your feedback matters!

Our new Twitter handle is @CAAGed. 

Our Facebook

The Gap In the Law

‘The Gap in the Law’ is a growing series of articles pointing out the inequities of the current legal system and the things we bump up against with grooming – indeed with most kinds of sexual abuse. There are many, so obviously we’re focusing here on the ones that apply to grooming.

Once the website is in full swing, you should be able to find these articles in a section of their own. At the moment you can find them with a search on “gap in law” or use the category search at the bottom of the page.

Helpful Resources

If you, or someone you know, has been groomed, you will be able to find a series of helpful resources on the site. They all come under the heading ‘Life After Grooming’. Again, we hope to make them easily findable in the structure of the site, but for the moment they can be found on a search.

Petition Update

Anna Rowe’s petition to have grooming/catfishing made a crime continues to gather steam. Signatures are now at 44,225. This is almost 500 up on our last tally. Please continue to share it, or sign if you haven’t already.

Behind the Scenes

So now we get to the exciting bit. Behind the scenes is a lot of work on the legal front, mostly being driven by others. To support that, watch this space for some research being launched, which will cover a range of online crime/the way that the Internet is used to initiate offline crimes. Stay tuned for more!

And a little snippet to tease you… watch out this week for the announcement about a new counsellor joining our campaign.

GET INVOLVED: Find one of the many ways to support this campaign.

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