CAAGe The Campaign Against Adult Grooming

Help for Victims of Adult Grooming, their Families and Friends

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CAAGe offers a listening and signposting service for people who have been groomed, their families, friends and professionals with a desire to better understand adult grooming.

Campaigning to raise Awareness of Adult Grooming

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CAAGe raises the issues around adult grooming. It does this by talking to the media, through its growing social media presence, and by engaging with relevant campaigns.

Research Into Adult Grooming and its Effects

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CAAGe is continually researching adult grooming, and by sharing the best of its findings. CAAGe is also running research into adult grooming and its effects.

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CAAGe exists

/ to help those who have experienced adult grooming to make sense of it, and support their recovery

/ to help those around adults who have been groomed to understand what they are experiencing

/ to help people find appropriate help

/ to help stop grooming from happening by raising awareness of the signs.

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Ways to help

There are lots of ways to help CAAGe , without costing you lots of time or effort.

From volunteering your time, blogging, helping us with spreading the word, or paying for someone’s counselling, or even sponsoring our website costs, there is something for everyone who wants to be involved.