Welcome to the Campaign Against Adult Grooming (CAAGe)

Adult Grooming: Campaigning for Change; Signposting Help for Victims; Raising Awareness

Campaigning for Change

Find out more about the campaigns we support and take action

Signposting Support

CAAGe can help support victims of grooming, their friends, work colleagues and families.

Raising Awareness of Adult Grooming

Find out what we’re doing to try and help people understand what Adult Grooming is.


If you’ve been groomed, contribute your experience anonymously to add to understanding of adult grooming.

“Liars are highly unlikely to admit their lies, never mind apologize for the hurt they’ve caused. Liars don’t genuinely apologize. Deceit has become their full-out lifestyle. They are centered on themselves with no thoughts of the consequences of their lies. In cowardly style, they tell more lies to try and cover their tracks. They are not good at admitting they actually have shortcomings.”

Cathy Burnham Martin, The Bimbo Has Brains: And Other Freaky Facts

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