Introducing Wendy Gregory

Counselling Psychologist Wendy Gregory has joined CAAGe, the Campaign Against Adult Grooming as the campaign’s resident psychology consultant.

The wrong kind of counselling can be extremely damaging when it comes to people who have experienced grooming. It’s a particularly insidious, complex form of abuse.

When Wendy stepped forward to offer the campaign her advice and support, she was a natural fit: determined, experienced and articulate.

Wendy herself met online, and was groomed by, a predator, with whom she had a deeply damaging relationship. She therefore has a unique perspective on the effect that grooming has on the lives of groomers’ targets.

Wendy has worked as a Counselling Psychologist for many years and her experience includes working in a women’s refuge. She currently counsels in schools and in private practice, as well as training therapists and other professionals. She is a regular guest psychologist on BBC Talk Radio.

She is looking forward to being able to offer insights to the targets of groomer.

There is a lot of work to be done in the area, and a whole body of knowledge around Narcissistic Personality Disorder which can help victims to understand what has happened to them, and how to deal with it and move forward. Too often victims are traumatised as much by what happens after grooming as by what has already happened.

Wendy’s role will include regular vlogging to increase understanding and awareness of grooming and escaping narcissistic personalities, answering grooming target’s questions, and advising campaigners when responding to, and writing about, mental health issues.

A very welcome addition to the team!

Find out more about her: Wendy Gregory

CAAGe contact for media: Waves PR

Contact Wendy through CAAGe: contact us

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