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There are various references on this site to PINs (Police Information Notices), a tactic often used by groomers to turn the tables on whistle blowers – those of us who speak up about their abusive behaviours:

“In fear – the police and CPS response to harassment and stalking A joint inspection by HMIC and HMCPSI” suggested as far back as July 2017 that the use of PINS be stopped – these instruments acted as judge and jury and serve only to make the police appear high handed and victim blaming.

No sooner had I drafted and published a draft appeal letter than I was advised by Arrest The PIN that the College of Policing had issued new advice.

Page three of Stalking or harassment, advice issued by the College of Policing states: Police Information Notices (PINs) will no longer be used in stalking or harassment cases. Officers may encounter scenarios in which a full and thorough investigation into an alleged offence identifies no course of conduct (eg where there is clear evidence presented that this is a single act and a course of conduct of two or more occasions is not made out). It may be appropriate in those rare circumstances to advise a person that their behaviour is unwanted and should cease with immediate effect. It is important that any such instance is appropriately recorded on a force record management system as an intelligence report, so that relevant information can be made available to the PND“.

I have written to ask for my PIN to be removed from my record. I will keep you informed as to progress – to me the advice sounds unclear, despite a strong first sentence, and Arrest The PIN has clear evidence that some forces continue to issue.

The long and short of it?

PIN letters shouldn’t be being issued, and if your groomer has tried to use the PIN against you, let CAAGe know and we’ll help draft a response based on what we already have and the latest advice from Arrest the PIN.

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