Self Care: Pranic Healing

In the warm up to a focus on self care after grooming, I have been trying out pranic healing to see if it might be of help.

Yep, I know it sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’, out there, but I’m a somewhat lapsed Reiki practitioner and know, placebo or not, that the mind can do powerful things.

I came to pranic healing by accident. I was cat/house sitting and the owners asked if I would mind if Adrian Worger used their back room for a couple of nights. I’ve met Adrian, he’s a family friend and of course I wasn’t going to say no.  Three weeks in a house alone, I was delighted to have the company.

Adrian turned up, and gone was the nervy, edgy ‘gotta find a partner’ man I knew, replaced by a calmer Adrian with an inner glow.

Adrian has become a pranic healer after pranic healing worked for him.  So what is pranic healing?

According to the Pranic Healing Research Institute, “Pranic Healing is an energy “no-touch” healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing utilizes “life force,” “energy,” or prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to heal itself.”

Adrian knows something of my story, being groomed by a complete shite on top of a whole load of other mini traumas. He persuaded me to give it a try. I was initially concerned – I suffer (less now than before) from cpstd and at one point last year was close to being suicidal as my world fell apart. I didn’t want those things dragged up carelessly in the way a counsellor with no understanding of grooming had.

First Session

The first healing session was odd. I was on the beach, so lying still for an hour was not going to look odd or unusual. However, would my phone hold out for the hour?

Didn’t need it.

Five minutes after a ‘we’re going to start in five minutes’ call, I lay flat on my back, hands upwards, nothing crossed, and waited for a call. When it didn’t come, I closed my eyes and focused on nothing. Over the next hour I had various sensations.

At the half hour point I had a series of really rapid ‘mini-nightmares’, of traumatic ‘things’ leaving my life.  An attractive but bad match (for me) suitor; the cats I fear I’ve been dumped with after agreeing to a short term fostering arrangement; my ex husband; and, of course, the groomer I thought I had pretty much consigned to history, along with others.

I felt the need to lie on my stomach half way through, and I did feel like someone was trying to release the tension in my shoulders.  But as Adrian hadn’t been able to call, or so I thought, I paid little attention. A good recuperative lie down in the sun by the sea would normally leave me wanting to sleep for the rest of the day, but I felt surprisingly energetic.

I felt bad (as in naughty!). I was wide awake and energised and after 50 minutes, itching to move, I got up and moved about. I couldn’t stay still any more.

But afterwards we talked – the healing session had happened. And I found a text on my phone from Adrian. The session had been shorter than usual – just 40 minutes.I have no idea whether what I was experiencing was down to the pranic healing. But I’d know what to expect the next time.

Second Session

Adrian waited patiently for me to extract myself from the meeting I was in and we started a little later than expected. For this session I lay out on my bed, in a cool, shady place.

The first half hour was again slightly awkward, with me initially wondering what was happening, if anything, and then taking notes of what I was experiencing. Warmth in different parts of my body, the feeling of releasing pressure in my shoulders, of tension increasing and releasing around my neck and throat area, and colours behind my eyes. Again at the half way spot I felt the need to turn over.

During both sessions I cried. This is unusual for me. I rarely cry on my own account. It felt like a release.

After both sessions I felt energised.

The day after the second healing I had a ‘cold’ which lasted just a couple of hours. It felt like getting rid of a load of ‘muck’. Was it anything to do with the healing? No idea, but I felt better, less stressed around the face and sinuses, once it was over.

Whether it’s the stopping and being mindful, whether it’s the time to focus or whether Adrian has mystical healing powers, remains to be seen. I have two more sessions to go and feel emotionally a whole lot lighter. My libido is returning – I hadn’t even realised it was low. I’m breathing easier and carrying less tension in my shoulders.

Given that there’s no touch, no reliving traumas, I can’t see how pranic healing can be harmful. If some of what I’m experiencing is down to the pranic healing, bring it on. If it’s just a placebo effect, I don’t care.

There have been uncomfortable moments, painful emotionally, but brief, manageable, and feel like a relief when released (although having ‘experienced’ what it would be like for the five cats to actually leave me I’m not now entirely sure I want them to go. Crazy cat lady beckons!)

Importantly for me at this stage of my own recovery journey was the following:

  • I didn’t have to articulate, again, the mishmash of events that were my grooming;
  • I didn’t have to share my personal pains and thoughts;
  • All I had to do was sit still for an hour.

I have two more sessions to come and promise to report back. And I’m hoping Adrian will share what he was doing at his end too!

In the meantime, if you’ve tried something that’s worked for you, please let us know in the comments below or contact us, and we’ll try it out and/or cover it here.

If you’ve been groomed, please considewr completing our research survey, which is totally anonymous: survey

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