Recruiting counsellors: BAME

CAAGe, the Campaign Against Adult Grooming, is looking for several new counsellors/counselling psychologists for us to refer to.

We particularly want to recruit from BAME communities who can help us make awareness of grooming and services more accessible to others.

Whilst this is not a paid post, but you will be paid for counselling work. (See ‘How we work’, below.)

Role requirements:

  • Fully qualified and with at least two years experience;
  • Capacity to take on additional counselling clients;
  • Prepared to invest time in understanding why grooming requires a different approach to other types of counselling;
  • A passion for involvement in CAAGe and its aims of raising awareness of, and campaigning against, adult grooming, some of which should clearly be criminalised, some of which is a case of raising awareness, and some of which is already criminal;
  • Prepared to work as a team and help other team members better understand diversity issues;
  • You will be prepared to help us with the direction that CAAGe takes in future.

You would be working alongside our existing counselling psychologist, Wendy Gregory.

We expect to be offering training courses for counsellors in the near future. You will be offered this training free or at a nominal coast, as well as being able to contribute should you choose. We would expect you to look at the course from a BAME perspective. You do not need to be an expert, just have an opinion.

Background to role: A Good Look at Ourselves

Nice to have:

  • We are keen to have black and Asian applicants, but are aware that we would benefit from the input of other race and reli
  • Experience of (adult) grooming or understanding of a related part of grooming – such as elder abuse, cults, modern day slavery, clergy abuse, human trafficking;
  • Experience of campaigning organisations;
  • Awareness of women’s rights. (We believe, based on ongoing research, that women make up 80-90% of people who have been groomed.);
  • Awareness of men’s rights. (We believe that there is a degree of acceptance of grooming of men, and perhaps a reluctance to admit that they have been groomed.);
  • May optionally undertake work as as a spokesperson for the organisation;
  • Understanding of gender issues.

That’s a big list – and we absolutely don’t expect anyone to have it all.

How we work with counsellors

CAAGe does not take any money from counsellors in exchange for referrals, but ask instead that you offer us some time to guide our direction and check over materials that we are going to issue publicly.

At present we are not registered as a charity – we are primarily here to listen, signpost help, research and raise awareness.

We may decide to become a charity in future, but at the moment we have no income sources and don’t feel that adult grooming is well enough understood yet.

So we ARE looking at raising funds ourselves to help sponsor the counselling we offer, but at the moment must charge for counselling.

Register to hear more about CAAGe for Counsellors

To find out more, contact CAAGe

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