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I have added a question to our research questionnaire (for people who’ve been groomed). We are now asking what help people would find it useful for us to offer. And early responses indicated that counselling services would be amongst the most important/useful to offer,

Counselling Services Expanding: More Inclusive

We do, already, offer a counselling service via our counselling psychologist Wendy Gregory, and are current increasing our diversity by seeking a counsellor from a BAME* (sorry, I know the term is faulty) background, someone from a Jewish background, and someone from an LGBTQ (plus) background. We had a great response and Wendy is getting back in touch with people to arrange interviews etc.

Fundraising to Help Subsidise Counselling for People who Have Been Groomed

But we also know from our research that people get left penniless and in precarious positions post grooming, so we have set up a fundraiser so that we can subsidise the counselling. Please give generously – our counsellors will already be offering discounts: About our ‘Go Fund Me fundraising.

Training for Other Counsellors

We are planning on introducing a course to help counsellors understand the specifics of adult grooming, and to offer a certification and CAAGe directory.

Counsellors wanting to know about the course can sign up using the form at the bottom of this page.

Course on Co-Dependency

Our own Wendy Gregory has written a course for counsellors/psychologists on co-dependency, which is being delivered through the Counselling Academy. You can see it here: Working with Co-Dependent Clients.

(Very timely, following my article this week on ‘The Ghislaine Effect).

*BAME: Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic

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