The police, the penis and Epstein related stories

crime scene do not cross signage

Day one of our Police and Penises week #PAP – taking a look at two adult grooming ‘case studies’.

The Santa Fe Case

CAAGe has been working for a while with someone connected to the Santa Fe Institute (where there is a strong Epstein academic connection that I am not going into here).

Her groomer, an academic also associated with Santa Fe (whose academics have received large sums from Epstein over the years) had a micropenis, a condition that is said to occur in around 0.6% of males.

As background, micropenises rarely respond well to testosterone treatment, and for the man it can be distressing – instead of being viewed as simply the luck of the draw (we all deviate from the supposed ‘norm’ in some way), it is seen as an undesirable characteristic. It is a medically hotly contested condition, with many doctors asking parents to choose ‘boy or girl’, and in the 70s some medics used to suggest sex reassignment.

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