Beth and Weinstein

Today we continue with our police and penises series, #PAP.

We present two more accounts: one in which the UK police failed to take seriously unsolicited nudes being sent as part of grooming gang’s abuse; and another in the US, the Weinstein case, where the police showed exactly why ALL police need to stop being so squeamish.

Beth’s story

Beth bravely stepped forward to tell CAAGe part of her story of being abused by a gang of taxi driver groomers in Wales (white Welshmen, note – grooming gangs are not all Asian! See also Epstein, Weinstein and more).

When she reported the part of the abuse that included sending her images of men’s penises, she was visited by police officers who not only giggled, but made it obvious that they had no intention of investigating at that stage. Sound familiar?

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