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Nine ways to take action to support the Campaign Against Adult Grooming.

1. Tell your story of being groomed

You’ll have full control over how the story appears, and we’ll work with you to keep you safe from repurcussions: Contact us.

2. Complete Our Survey on Adult Grooming

If you were groomed, this completely anonymous survey is ongoing and aims to offer insight into adult grooming, its effects and warning signs: Survey into Adult Grooming

3. Write to your MP

Write to your MP to ask them to help make the grooming of adults illegal. This site makes it easy:

See some of the related issues, where we are supporting campaigns: HERE

4. Contribute an article

Experts: We welcome articles from those with expertise in helping people over the trauma of discovering they’ve been groomed, advice on avoiding being groomed, rights etc.

Reviewers: we are always looking for people to help us with book reviews and literature summaries.

If you have been groomed: we want to share your story. (We regret that we cannot name your abuser for legal reasons)

Some forthcoming content is already being worked on – you can see some of the forthcoming material here.

To discuss a contribution, contact us.

5. Share and Support

You can join CAAGe debates on Facebook and on Twitter.

6. Volunteer

We have ambitious plans to make this campaign a success. That takes time and work. If you’d like to volunteer, want to help, we can find a way to make that happen, contact us.

7. Contribute a tune

Tweet or email your suggestions for the #AntiGroomingPlaylist tune of the day 

8. Sign the Catfishing Petition

Sign the petition, set up by catfishing victim Anna Rowe, to have adult grooming, including the more widely understood ‘catfishing’ made illegal:

9. Join us as a counsellor

We will be offering training to counsellors in adult grooming awareness. If you would like to hear more, you can join the mailing list here: Information for counsellors


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