Grooming Research (Survey)

If you have been groomed, or feel that you’ve possibly been groomed, we want to record your experiences to get a fuller picture of what’s happening and its effects.

About this survey

The survey will be used to:

  • Support campaigning, including responses to government white papers;
  • Help develop the services that CAAGe (the Campaign Against Adult Grooming) delivers in the future;
  • Back up the literature that we are currently creating on grooming
  • Support related campaigns that progress our cause, raising awareness of, and offering protection against, adult grooming.

Get started on the survey into adult grooming

Take the survey:Adult Grooming Survey

The data you give us is totally anonymous.

Privacy Policy.

The answers you provide will be added together and will only be shared where there is a reasonable ‘sample size’ ie there are enough answers for it to be truly anonymous.

Stay in touch

If you would like updates on this survey, which will remain open, please give us an email address. Your email address cannot be traced back to any answers you have provided: Stay in touch.

We are conscious that completing this survey may have triggered some unpleasant memories for you. If you need to talk, we’re here: Contact us

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