What grooming looks like

This site had to give up naming perpetrators – it was landing us (me) in hot water under harassment laws, ironically (although never as much as the man who groomed me suggested!). But that doesn’t mean we can’t signpost adult grooming stories, some of which we blog, others just link to media coverage/sources. Hopefully these cases will help offer a clearer picture of what grooming is and the damage it does.

Claire’s story: When Claire became a teenage model, the agency owners groomed her for sex, cleverly waiting until she was an ‘adult’ to have penetrative (male) sex with her. She tells the story in her book, which we’ve reviewed here.

Read Claire’s story here: https://caage.org/2019/06/16/book-review-what-lies-behind-the-curtain/

Wendy’s story: A lot of Wendy’s story can’t yet be told because of ongoing legal action. But she was groomed for money, and if it can happen to a psychologist, it can happen to anyone. (Wendy is our own counselling psychologist at CAAGe)

Meet Wendy here: https://caage.org/2019/02/26/introducing-wendy-gregory/

Shamimas’s story: When a teenage girl decides that a life abroad with a husband is going to better than life here, someone’s groomed her, radicalised her, taken her to the point where at 19 she’s seen some of the worst that life can bring.

See why we believe Shamima Begum was groomed here: https://caage.org/2019/02/17/shamima-begum-was-groomed/

A carers story: CAAGe was approached when an elderly relative was clearly being groomed by someone unscrupulous for money. They kindly let us share the advice we researched.

Elderly grooming: see how we advised a family member: https://caage.org/2019/02/20/groomed-for-money/

Lara’s story: Lara Hall was lured away from home, groomed into a loving relationship that turned out to be anything but.

Read Lara’s story here: https://caage.org/2019/01/30/sajjad-groomer-imprisoned-lara-hall-australian-lawyer/

Claire’s story: When Claire met her ‘perfect’ match, little did she know that he was something way more sinister. (Claire is the lead campaigner at CAAGe.)

Read part of Claire’s story here: https://caage.org/2018/08/29/why-i-identify-sw-as-a-groomer/

Anna’s story: When Anna was groomed into a relationship by a prolific groomer who used an online dating platform to ‘catfish’ her, it spurred her on to campaign against catfishing.

Read about Anna and her petition here: https://caage.org/2018/08/17/anna-rowe-and-her-petition/

Terri’s story: When Terri discovered the true nature of the ‘honourable, principled’ man she was ‘dating’, and worked out that she had been groomed by him, she didn’t hesitate to warn others

Read Terri’s story here: https://thedigitalfootprints.wordpress.com/

Other adult grooming stories in the news:

Marriage Fraud

Catfishing and Dating Scams

Modern Slavery and Sexual Exploitation

Abuse of Fame, Power (Inc Clergy Abuse and Cults)

Examples might include priests, a teacher, a tutor, a coach, a doctor