About CAAGe

About CAAGe: the Campaign Against Adult Grooming

Grooming is the deliberate targeting of a person to develop a relationship with them (such as friendship, emotional connection or love), deceiving them and gaining their trust and confidence in order to get them to do something they wouldn’t otherwise have done. This might be agreeing to sex, sending explicit photos of themselves, lending money, marriage for visas, or parting with information.

CAAGe aims to inform about, and change attitudes towards, adult grooming, for which UK legal protection currently ends at age 16 (sexual grooming)

CAAGe Objectives

CAAGe works to:

  • help challenge the laws around grooming/affecting people who have been groomed;
  • raise awareness of grooming by sharing the experiences of people who’ve been groomed, and research into grooming;
  • offer help and support to people who have been groomed.

What we address

Grooming takes many forms – it’s essence is deliberate deceit, and iits harmful effects are far-reaching. As well as causing emotional distress, mental and physical health problems, it can result in practical losses such as money, property, job or career.

Broadly speaking, CAAGe has identified several main areas of grooming:

  • Sexual Grooming: where someone obtains sexual consent under false pretences, sometimes with an ulterior motive such as money, information, coercion, even a visa (including marriage fraud);
  • Abuse of Power: where someone with authority, such as a boss, lecturer, clergyman, cult leader, or politician persuades someone to undertake acts that they would not otherwise have done, such as sex or drug running;
  • Financial Grooming: where someone’s true intent is to obtain money, with ‘consent’;
  • Grooming into the unknown: where the abuser lures their target into an unexpected situation, such as modern day slavery, drug muling, or being trafficked.

There is significant crossover in these areas. CAAGe’s initial push is sexual grooming.

Sexual Grooming campaign

CAAGe and the Law/Justice

There are endless area where victims of grooming need to see change, including:

  • Protection from sexual grooming over the age of 16, after which sexual consent is considered consent, even if obtained fraudulently/by lying or coercion;
  • Calling for the law on Rape by Deception to be challenged. (We believe we may have a test case imminently, but it’s at way too early stages to guarantee.);
  • Better progress through the policing system;
  • Protection from catfishing;
  • Protection for whistleblowers.

See some of the legal and regulatory campaigns that we’ve supported : Legal campaigns

CAAGe and Awareness

Many people are unaware of what grooming is. We are trying to raise awareness by:

  • sharing experiences;
  • answering questions asked of us on our blog and in person;
  • accessing and sharing details of the very limited literature available on adult grooming, and on issues related to the experience of grooming;
  • Social media;
  • kicking off a media campaign in the last quarter of 2019.

See some shared experiences of grooming: “case studies”

Join us on Twitter: @CAAGed

Join us on Facebook: @AntiAdultGroomingCampaign

Help and Support for People Who’ve Been Groomed

CAAGe help and support to people who have been groomed currently includes:

  • Sharing advice and information
  • Q&A section on the website
  • Listening service (letting you talk it through)
  • Signposting services
  • Providing a reduced price counselling service. (In 2019 counselling psychologist Wendy Gregory joined CAAGe.)

Find information and services to help if you’ve been groomed: Life After Grooming.

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