About CAAGE: the Campaign Against Adult Grooming

CAAGe is a volunteer organisation, run entirely by volunteers.

Long term we hope to be able to offer both counselling and legal support, free of charge, but for the moment we are limited to campaigning – raising awareness, signposting support, researching and offering support.

Victims of adult grooming have no legal protection in the UK. Children do. There’s some support for gay men. But unless there’s another crime committed such as fraud or assault, in law the victims of adult grooming don’t exist.

And that’s just how the groomers like it. Any attempt at retaliation, or, more importantly, warning others, are likely to land victims in hot water. UK law needs changing.

Grooming is prolific, and the more we know, the more we may be able to help avoid not only sexual grooming but also financial grooming, grooming into forced marriage, human trafficking, modern day slavery, clergy abuse, and more.

Victims NEED to see positive change as results of the mess the groomers leave in their wake. We need to find ways to prevent future victims from falling foul to these predators, and sending a clear message that GROOMING IS NOT OK)

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