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CAAGe Approved Counsellors

CAAGe approved counsellors

Traditional counselling can feel like victim blaming to someone who has been targeted by a groomer. Victim’s reality often feels distorted, and they need time and space to make sense of it, although they may never find an answer to the question ‘why’. But we believe that it’s better to help people learn to live with that and to enjoy life after grooming rather than label them BPD, co-dependent or automatically assuming a lack of boundaries.

Of course, for some people this will hold true, but our counsellors are grooming and trauma informed and able to offer you appropriate solutions for your own circumstances.

All of our counsellors have experience which qualifies them to offer support.

CAAGe will be introducing certification and training later this year, COVID arrangements permitting.

Lead counsellor, Wendy Gregory

Wendy Gregory

Lead Counsellor, Counselling Psychologist

Qualifications / Bsc Psychology, first class hons / MSc Counselling Psychology / Two Year diploma equivalent Certificate in Counselling

Experience / 18 years in private practise / eight years running counselling services in schools

Professional Associations / HCPC registered

Fees / Vary. Guideline approx £45 per session, £50 for supervision, £55 per couple

Languages / English

Counselling delivered / online, phone and in person

Location for face to face counselling post COVID – Slough / Windsor, Berkshire

Other / Offers training to counsellors. Relationship specialist.

More about Wendy

CAAGe people – Wendy Gregory, Counselling Psychologist

Contact / / T 01753 793680

Integrative counsellor, Preety Sidhu

Preety Sidhu

Integrative Counsellor

Qualifications / Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, MSc Integrative Counselling

Experience / Four years in Private Practice/ Two years volunteering for local counselling charities (Two years volunteering at MIND Rushden; One year with The Lowdown in Northampton)

Professional Associations / BACP registered (383741)

Fees / Vary. Guideline approx £40-45 per session, £60 per couple

Languages / English / Punjabi / Hindi

Counselling delivered / online, phone and in person (subject to COVID restrictions)

Location for face to face counselling post COVID – Outskirts of Northampton / Towcester / Milton Keynes


/ Able to offer a thorough understanding of South Asian culture

/ Both long and short term therapy offered

Contact /

Healing Through Counselling / T 07930 612825

Aviv Teller

Coming soon

If have what it takes to offer counselling to adult survivors of / victims of / grooming, and would like to join CAAGe, please contact us.

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