Help for Victims of Adult Grooming

Whether it’s services we provide ourselves, or wether it’s simply signposting help, this is a growing resource for adults who have been subjected to grooming, their families, friends and contacts.

CAAGE – here to help

We hear you

Sometimes, just knowing that someone understands what you’ve been through is enough. Sometimes you need more help. Sometimes talking to someone like you is what will help.

At CAAGe we don’t believe that victims should be labelled as anything other than victims simply on the basis that they were targeted, often for qualities that their groomer or groomers lacked.

Grooming can happen to anyone.

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Signposting Organisations that Offer Help

Simply signposting some of the organisations that can also offer help and support.

We are a small team of volunteers. We work hard to make sure we know what’s out there, but if there’s something we’ve missed, PLEASE let us know.

Life after Grooming / Mental Health Support UK
Life After Grooming / Sexual Health Checks
Life After Grooming / US Resources
Life after Grooming / Financial Grooming
Coming soon> Marriage fraud, elderly abuse, cults, clergy abuse, human trafficking, modern day slavery, abuse at work0
crime scene do not cross signage
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Police and Legal

Signposting police and legal support.

Life after Adult Grooming: Police Information Notices (PINs)
Coming soon / sources of legal support, collating evidence, police complaints, appeal, advice for police officers
CAAGe / The Campaign Against Adult Grooming
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